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11.9.2014 - Rules for Sample Changers / Automation

Due to non-observance of the instructions for sample changer operation, the AV300oc automation crashed on Friday night again. Handouts on proper use of spectrometers are available directly at each spectrometer workstation (also on our homepage: http://www.nmr.chemie.uni-koeln.de/info_av300oc.html , http://www.nmr.chemie.uni-koeln.de/info_av300ac.html , http://www.nmr.chemie.uni-koeln.de/info_dpx200.html). These instructions need to be followed exactly as written!!!

Since we have mentioned this several times recently, and our reminders did not prove successful, we will suspend users that counteract, as of now, from active use of our routine instruments for one week, without additional warning. The user that shut down automation last Friday has been already informed. Upon repetition of misconduct, the corresponding PI's will be informed.

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