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30.1.2020 - NMR-Abteilung: Closing times next week

Labs will stay closed on 4th of February, and from 6th until 10th of February around 8:30am.

23.1.2020 - NMR-Abteilung: Upcoming lab closures for open access spectrometers (OC)

NMR open access labs OC 115/116 will be closed from Thursday morning, 6th of February, until Friday morning, 7th of…

20.1.2020 - NMR-Abteilung: NMR facility is closed on 21th of January

Dear users,

On Tuesday, 21th of January, we will have construction work on our corridor. Due to the risk of metallic…

16.01.2020 - NMR-Abteilung: Reduced access in organic chemistry NMR labs Jan. 21st & 24th

Limitations in measuring operation next week on Wednesday, 21st and reduced access on Friday, 24th of January

06.02.2020 - NMR-Abteilung: Upgrades on AV300oc during January

During January there will be some periods of reduced access because we will install some improvements on the AV300oc.

27.12.2019 - NMR-Abteilung: Restricted access to AV300oc

During daytime, on January 2nd & 3rd, the AV300oc (r.116 OC) will not be available.

18.12.2019 - NMR-Abteilung: NMR facility closed during Christmas

During holidays, NMR facility stays closed from December 23th through January, 1st, inclusively.

18.12.2019 - NMR-Abteilung: Cleaning day tomorrow (Thursday)

During our lab cleaning (December 19th), facilities will remain closed

12.12.2019 - NMR-Abteilung: Change of schedule for N2 refills during end of year

N2 fills until end of the year: December 13th & 18th.

27.11.2019 - NMR-Abteilung: Limited access to laboratories in Organic Chemistry TODAY

NMR laboratories in Organic Chemistry will be only accessible through the *back* entrance / staircase next to…

20.11.2019 - NMR-Abteilung: Constructions on Tuesday, November 26th

Due to planned construction work, limitations in measuring operation can be expected up to complete closing the labs.

18.11.2019 - NMR-Abteilung: Connecting doors on yellow floor hallway closed tomorrow

Constructions on the yellow floor started again - connecting security door at the rear elevator stays therefore closed…

15.11.2019 - NMR-Abteilung: AV499 out of service on 19th of November

On November 19th, the AV499 spectrometer (OC) will be out of service due to a N2 shutdown.

06.11.2019 - NMR-Abteilung: Yellow floor may be closed Monday/Tuesday

Next Monday and Tuesday (November 11&12) there will be construction work on the yellow floor. The labs will be closed…

23.10.2019 - Construction work on the yellow floor

Dear users,

next Wednesday, 30th of October we will have construction work on the yellow floor.

Depending on the…

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