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New group members

  • New group members need to apply for an electronic account which allows them to use the NMR facility. You can receive a user account (together with a short introduction) at the beginning of your diploma, M.Sc. or PhD thesis, after making an appointment with Dr. Schlörer. Also, if you start with a B.Sc. thesis, please sign up for an appointment via E-mail and take with you a copy of this document.

  • Only for users, which did not study in Cologne: Prior to measurements at AV 300 (AC), AV 300 (OC) and AV 499, please sign up for a short introduction (theory and practice) with Dr. Schlörer. Content of the introduction:

Short repetition of NMR theory (basics of an NMR experiment, how does an NMR spectrometer work, how to set up NMR experiments, short repetition of some basic NMR experiments). If required, practical introduction at the spectrometer.


  • If required, an introduction on the use of automated sample changers at AVANCE III 499, and/or AVANCE II 300ac is held once per semester. If you are interested, please sign up with our NMR staff members.
  • For measurements at AV 400 and AVII 600, currently the following users are authorized and can be contacted internally in their group for measurements at those instruments: 


AK Berkessel: W. Harnying, D. Kootz, A. Wessels

AK Blunk: S. Ye

AK Breugst: J. König

AK Giernoth: N. N.

AK Goldfuss: V. Grote

AKGriesbeck: S. Hohenberg, M. Kleczka 

AK Klein: M. Krause, R. von der Stück 

AK Mathur: U. Atamtürk, C. Hegemann, F. Hartl

AK Meerholz: N. N.

AK NMR: B. Albrecht, L. Jütten

AK Prechtl: L. Heim

AK Schmalz: A. Göderz, M. Reiher, H. Sebode

AK Schmidt: S. Pieroth

AK Wickleder: A. Mattern, M. Zegke